Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's

Looking for me on New Year's? Try the beach. Oh yeah, and grab your passport because you'll have to venture outside of the US. To fill in the unawares, it's become something akin to a ritual pilgrimage - every year since 2002 (has it really been that long?), Sara and I have been out of the States for the New Year. The difference is that this is the first year we won't be freezing our buns off in some European city. Rather, this year we decided to try our luck in the Grand Cayman Islands. This year's goal: some chillaxing, some snorkeling, maybe a little sun soaking. I know Sara has her beach reads all prepared, but of course, I have some hot research issues that I'll be working out while resting on the white sand beaches. Sure, call me a geek, a dork, a dweeb, what you will... I just won't hear you. Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm standing in line at the post office, waiting to mail a package. So, I check the weather and it's supposed to be around 50 degrees and rainy today. The temperature will fluctuate throughout the week, as will the precipitation and amount of sun. On a whim, I check the weather forcast for Pittsburgh and here's where the fun begins. Have you ever heard of a meteorologist saying that the official forecast for the day is "dreary". Now that's both amusing and depressing at the same time. I may not be able to see the sun in Nashville at the present time, but at least I'm not in a town with the forecast of a horror movie.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bongos, Bibles, and Babes

One of my more favorite experiences in Nashville is morning coffee at the Bongo Java Roasting Co. It's a wonderful little joint in the Belmont section of town, where the coffee is great, the food is tasty, the ambiance is chill, and the staff is snappy. But, why blog about this now? After almost 1.5 years in Nashville (has it really been that long?)? Well, this morning I'm waiting in line for coffee and a coffee canister catches my eye. At first, all I see is "Bible Belt Brew" in brash lettering across the bottom of the tin. "Well", I say to myself, "that's perfectly normal, considering that Nashville is the buckle of the bible belt" (nope, I'm not kidding, you can look it up). However, as I approached the front counter, I realized that the aforementioned product name was only part of the story. Across the rest of the tin, it was painted in an classic 30's or 40's era styling with a woman in a green bikini. "Intriguing", I think, since one does not normally place "bible" and "bikini-clad women" in the same bucket. But then, the kicker, in bold flowing characters, was a slogan which read, "I like my women like my coffee -> Hot and Fast". Now, if this clash of the concepts doesn't makes you smile in the morning, I guess your waiting for me to say that right after I finished reading the coffee canister a pink elephant came out and began preaching about the gospel. However, sorry to dissapoint you, but this ain't "Fear and Loathing in Nashville". It's just one of those small boons that makes you giggle in the morning (yes, I giggle in the morning).

Actually, it's similar to my experience in Salt Lake City, where I learned about the "Polygamy Porter" from the Red Rocks Brewing Co.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Woohoo! More pretzels! I wonder if it will be nap time soon. I doubt it. Lucky for my I many things to keep me busy (work, Wired magazine, ipod); however, I have to confess that the USAir magazine is looking mighty attractive at this point in time... um no.

To a certain extent, I can't complain too much. It is sleeting in Philly and the flight deck and crew only have our safety in mind, right? Yet still, a human can only cope with being on a small plane (this is about 50 seater) for so long until the accumulation of delays and pretzels wears down your patience.

ice - deice - ice - deice

(FYI - apolgies for the short posts - I'm blogging from my blackberry)

A little update from Philly, that wonderful aiport in the east. Good news: We were able to board the plane! Bad news: We boarded about 45 minutes late. Worse news: After waiting on the tarmac for another 45 minutes, we now have at least another 30 minutes until we can be de-iced. Then, and only then, can we jump in line for takeoff. Oh how I love flying, or is it the anticipation of flying?

Anyway, you know that it's going to be awhile when the flight attendent starts handing out the little bags of pretzels. That was 45 minutes ago... and now they are coming around with water. I appeciate the service, but for some reason I feel like I'm in kindergarten again. Where are the peanuts?

i pity the fool...

...that has to travel today. I am currently en route to Ottawa, and flights are being cancelled right and left. And now I'm stuck in an abyss I call the philadelphia airport. Ah, what a place to be stuck.