Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Touch of Class

Provence, it's a fantastic French cafe in Nashville. A wonderful spot for espresso and some breakfast on a Saturday morning. If you look closely at the picture of me, my little Porterhouse, and Provence in the background, it would appear that we are happy and carefree. But you would be deceived! It's all a show for the passerby. Actually, Porter is fantastic when we're out and about; it's just when we're home that he turns into a little terror. It's kind of like Cinderella and the magic slipper. I guess that makes me the pumpkin. (Sara's calling me cheesy now. And so what if I am?).

Hmm... it seems that this blog has become dedicated to our puppy. But trust me - he's a handful. Ah puppyhood - we can't wait until it's over.

Do Not Pass Go

One thing that we learned from the Porter-paint fiasco (actually, he painted himself several times during our bedroom painting sessions) is that latex paint and puppy hair are similar to white on rice. It took some time to scrub and pick the latex from his coat. So, we banished him to the outside. Porter, being the self respecting canine that he is chose to "jail" himself. Actually, Porter's laying in the shadow of the wooden structure / faux gazebo that was (it's no longer there - but that will be discussed in a future posting) on the back porch.

Back By Popular Demand

It seems that there are more people reading this blog than I thought. :-) Thanks to everyone who has been poking and prodding me to update this with news from Nashville. So, much has happened in the past month, but let's begin with paiting. Sara and I recently painted our bedroom a very very very pale yellow (it's almost white). Though this is not the most exciting of news, it's amusing nonetheless because our Porter (still working towards his merit badge in Wonderpupness) decided he needed to rub against the wall and absorb some of the latex-infused goodness. What did this romp on the wall entail? Well, as you can see by the picture below, the wonderpup in training lost some of that black sheen on this booty. Did I say "booty" You bet your booty I did.