Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lower g @ o'hare = ugh

The administration of O'hare seriously need to consider renovating the lower level of the G terminal. There are no windows, weak flourescent lights, and some strange smells that, for some reason, overwhelm the coffee aroma emanating from the Starbucks stand. The lighting alone is creepy and depressing. It casts a seeming fog over the area and is reminiscent of a Greyhound Bus terminal restroom (shudder).

fa la la-ing to Mayo

Once again I find myself in Chicago O'hare Airport! Today I visit the Jinglelicious hub as I transfer to a flight bound for Rochester, Minn to speak, meet, and greet with the clinicians and researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Now, if only it was warmer than 3 degrees F (wind chill) at my destination...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Gizmine is Mine!

Have a honkerin' for Japanase gadgets? Well, someone finally started a company to import and sell them to the American public! Woohoo is an understatement. When you get the time, check out Gizmine.