Monday, February 23, 2009


For those that want to stop on by and check it out, Sara and I are (with a little, ok alot, of help from our friends) renovating the upstairs bathroom! We spent the weekend ripping out tile, old drywall, a dingy closet, and the old sink and faucets. I'm sure there's more demolition that we've done, but we've also started on the rebuilding work by replacing some old pipes, moving some electrical (and removing some very scary, not-up-to-code electrical [yes, I received a little jolt - who knew the wiring not in the electrical box was on a different circuit?]), throwing up drywall, and more. Ok, I way "we", but without Sara's dad and some of his power tools (go saw zaw!) we'd be lost... Anyway, for those interested, we'll post some pictures soon enough.


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