Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fixed and Biking

Woohoo! After leaving the crutches behind, I've slowly been recovering from the injury. Today was a big breakthrough though! I'm back to the bike with zero pain and flexibility missing. See you mr. bus.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stairs + Pups = Crutches

So, after travelling for several days to get home... delays, delays, missed flights, etc ... Last night, I thought Jake the wonderpup was about to run away, so I tried to jump down the front steps - Bad idea. The heel of my foot caught the top step and the tumble began. My foot was caught underneath me and today at the doctor, lo and behold, I hurt my achilles. Wonderful. So, no soccer, no volleyball, no bike riding, no running... for a couple of weeks. :-(

Back from Europe

More on the trip in a bit. But first... New Year's in Dublin was awesome! How can you beat guys in kilts?!?!

Pictures from the trip can be found in the sets here.