Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bongos, Bibles, and Babes

One of my more favorite experiences in Nashville is morning coffee at the Bongo Java Roasting Co. It's a wonderful little joint in the Belmont section of town, where the coffee is great, the food is tasty, the ambiance is chill, and the staff is snappy. But, why blog about this now? After almost 1.5 years in Nashville (has it really been that long?)? Well, this morning I'm waiting in line for coffee and a coffee canister catches my eye. At first, all I see is "Bible Belt Brew" in brash lettering across the bottom of the tin. "Well", I say to myself, "that's perfectly normal, considering that Nashville is the buckle of the bible belt" (nope, I'm not kidding, you can look it up). However, as I approached the front counter, I realized that the aforementioned product name was only part of the story. Across the rest of the tin, it was painted in an classic 30's or 40's era styling with a woman in a green bikini. "Intriguing", I think, since one does not normally place "bible" and "bikini-clad women" in the same bucket. But then, the kicker, in bold flowing characters, was a slogan which read, "I like my women like my coffee -> Hot and Fast". Now, if this clash of the concepts doesn't makes you smile in the morning, I guess your waiting for me to say that right after I finished reading the coffee canister a pink elephant came out and began preaching about the gospel. However, sorry to dissapoint you, but this ain't "Fear and Loathing in Nashville". It's just one of those small boons that makes you giggle in the morning (yes, I giggle in the morning).

Actually, it's similar to my experience in Salt Lake City, where I learned about the "Polygamy Porter" from the Red Rocks Brewing Co.


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