Tuesday, September 25, 2007

off to montreal, but first

Well, after a couple of weeks at home to refocus on research, teaching, and some administrative business, I'm back on the road (actually, in the air - whatever - it's away from home). However, I think I've been slowly brains over the past several days. I tried checking in to my flight this morning, but was told I wasn't on the 7:40 to Philly. Apparently, when I changed my flight from Wednesday to Tuesday, I forgot to change my calendar. I was rebooked to leave at 3:30 this afternoon! Lucky for me that these were not full flights.

So I paid a $25 change fee (it seems only gold preferred and above do not have to pay change fees) to fly standby on the 7:40 flight. Cheaper than taking 2 more taxi rides. Actually, cheaper than taking a single taxi ride.


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