Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello LAX!

Well, here I am blogging to you from aboard an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles International Airport. I msde it out of Nashville Airport after a brief scare, the scare being that I was informed at the ticket counter that couldn't cjeck in until I had a visa to visit australia - whoops. It was pretty easy to rectify though - I just jumped onto the internet and applied for my visa through the aussie government website. Immediately my information was available in the system for the ticketing agent to acess - ah that amazing thing called networking. Anyway, our plane arrived early and so we've now been taxiing for15 minutes! Grrrr! So I'm just taking my new blackberry for a spin. The new 8830 has a greàt full size keyboard, but I certainly need to work on my typing skills because my thumbs are getting tired. That's all for now.


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