Friday, August 10, 2007

Deer in Nashville!

Last weekend we got out of Nashville proper and explored Percy Warner Park. We heard (not sure from who) that there was a pond and it was high time we introduced Porter to the glories of swimming. So, off we went to the park, but we couldn't find a pond. When we couldn't find the water, I wanted to take Porter on a trail hike, but Sara said "no". Did I mention it was over 100 degrees outside - again? I was quite upset and frustrated, but then Sara told me to "Chill out freak and enjoy the forest in our air conditioned mini (a.k.a. Chester - well, that's what I call him - Sara swears that she wants no part of this blog entry)!" So I did and as we were driving through the park we came across deer. Lots of them! Sara snagged a couple of pictures as we passed by. Someone should tell this one that hiding your head behind a sapling doesn't hide you too well. Especially, when you're a demon deer with blazing eyes of white!

I was about to start driving again when Sara said, "Careful, demon deer don't travel alone. They travel in vicious car thumping gansta-deer packs. Seriously." And so they do:

Vicious. All of them. They ate a headlight.


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