Friday, August 10, 2007

Greater Swiss Coon Dog?

The advertisement on Pet Finder said: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. And at 3 months old, that's what he looked like - mostly. There was the fact that his legs were white and not rust-colored, but we thought, "Hey, he's just special." And then there was the fact that he was only 30 pounds, but we thought "Maybe he's just the runt of the litter." Oh, we should have known better. It's now 7 months later and he's a little over 50 pounds - not quite the 100 or so that a Swissy would be. We were in the dog park recently (I swear, we don't live there. ) and some said, "Ooooo, what a pretty coonhound." To which we responded, "Actually, we think he's part mountain dog." which brought about a little snicker. But when we got home, we started looking at pictures of coonhounds online - thanks to Google Images - and there's all different kinds. There's the Blue Tick Coonhound. Well, that doesn't look like our little Porter. And then there's the Black and Tan, but he's got white and isn't quite shaped the same way. Well, what about the English - nope not that one either. So, we're searching and searching and then we come across the Treeing Walker Coonhound. Oh... my... god. Quite similar. Sara screamed, "Nooooo, it can't be! He's supposed to be from elegant Switzerland! Not the back hills of Kentucky" So Sara wailed. And I cried. And Porter pranced. (Actually only the last bit is true) We take solace in the fact that he's doesn't look exactly like a coonhound - just 95%. The last 5% must - MUST - be Swiss. Thus, we have dubbed him: The Greater Swiss Treeing Walker Coonhound. Behold! Oh, and here's the picture that really clued us in (from

Compare that picture to this one of Porter (note the rawhide stuck to his chest):


Blogger KC said...

Adorable. he does resemble a swiss Mt dog too. I have a treeing walker too. I got him from the shelter and knew he was sometime of hound based on the giant ears and howl. With the help of a construction worker on my street and google images I found out that he was indeed a TW coonhound. Although a hound, I've found my dog to be more elegant and regal than rednecky.

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