Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Travels, Travels, and More Travels

I just returned from the KDD Conference in San Jose, CA, where our workshop was, hands-down, a success. And the venue: 70 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. It was fantastic weather and certainly did not look forward to returning to Nashville. Call me crazy, but 105 degrees with humidity and stagnant sandpaper-like air is not my cup of tea.

Anyway, I'm home for several days, but on Friday I leave for Brisbane, Australia for the Medinfo Conference. I'll be presenting our work on confidentiality and the analysis of electronic medical record access logs - but I look forward to learning about privacy research / implementations that are underway at other sites. After the conference, Sara will be joining me and we'll travel to Cairns and Sydney. If anyone is looking for me - try the beach.


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