Tuesday, October 23, 2007

E-Tower Loss

Last week, a beautiful light in the world was extinguished. April Dupont's life was cut short after a freak car accident on a Connecticut highway.

I met April in my freshmen year of college and she was a go-getter if ever you met one. She went out of her way to be noticed and contribute to society. Throughout college, we spent an increasing amount of time together, which culminated when April and Sara became roomies for their senior year in a snug Shadyside apartment. As a result, I practically spent every day with her over the course of a year. April was a tenacious competitor in everything she did and at times, while pushing herself, could push you over the edge. But that is what I loved about April. She pushed you to be more than you thought capable. It's amusing to me that without her, I don't know if I would have learned to cook. It's not that she taught me to cook - certainly not. Rather, I recall that she became fond of a special pasta sauce that I worked on perfecting for late night study sessions. The sauce consisted of olive-oil, butter, lemon, two types of garlic (freshly chopped and preserved), and Parmesan cheese. After a night of studying (or some other festivities), I remember April would ask in her most innocent tone, "Bradley, can you make some pasta and special sauce?" To a certain extent that sauce represented my rent for spending so much time at their apartment. At the same time, it was April (as well as Sara and Rachel's) honest enjoyment of that fueled my love for cooking for others. A simple scene, but one that was repeated on many an occasion. Such a simple scene, and yet one that reminds me of home. So, that is what April will always be for me; not only a part of my history, but a part of my family.

She will sorely be missed by all who knew her. The funeral will be this Thursday in Detroit, Michigan and Sara and I will be there to pay our respects and say a fond farewell.

Oh, and for those of you that didn't know - April was quite savvy with the force. In this picture from 2004, she demonstrated her ability to channel Yoda's power (yes, that's a yoda key chain) to steer the Red Sox to their curse-breaking World Series championship.


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Thank you for the kind words and warm story about April. It's been 3 months since the accident and we miss her so much. That is a great picture of her and her favorite Red Sox hat. Keeping our fingers crossed for the Pats!



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