Saturday, September 30, 2006

Macbook Returned!

Finally finally finally! I sent my macbook to Apple on August 27 and it was returned on September 22. For those you that have not been following my saga - the black macbook that I purchased this past May had been suffering from random shutdown syndrome. Actually, it was not "random" - it could be replicated consistently by bringing the computer out of sleep mode.

Apple replaced the main logic board and the heat sink. So far, so good - no shutdowns whatsoever. I'll be confident if it stays this way for several months. The repair itself was well done, but keeping my computer for almost a month is unbelievable! What's even more upsetting is that the random shutdown problem appears to be prevalent in a non-trivial number of the macbooks that have been sold.

Oh Apple. How could your customer support be so slow?

I have one more issue with the machine in that the down arrow key does not always respond. I took it in to the Apple store yesterday and I was told that it would be a week to fix the computer! The genius at the store explained to me that the new keyboard design requires a fix or replacement of the entire top casing. Unlike previous Apple laptop designs, you can't just replace a single key! I was told that if the problem wasn't too much of an issue that I should hold off on the repair until I need another repair on the machine. Hmmm... was the genius implying that they expect me to perform more repairs on this machine? I agree with the genius, I'll wait to do the repair. It's a very minor issue, considering that the problem rarely occurs (though it is annoying). Apple, you're getting your hands on my macbook again this soon. For now I'll live with this "minor" issue (i.e., it's not the logic board or heat sink).


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