Friday, September 08, 2006

Steel Nation Alive and Well

Living in Nashville has given us the opportunity to experience the Steel Nation first hand. We learned about a 'burgh bar in Nashville from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It was in the heart of the downtown party scene, about 4 miles from us, so we decided to check it out for the first Steelers game of the season.

Garbed in Steelers gear and with our trusty terrible towel in hand, we made our way to watch the second half of the game. As we're walking towards the bar, Sara turns to me and says, "If we're the only people at this place wearing Steelers gear, I'm going to be so pissed off."

Well, the bar (Pirhana's) was not only packed with Steelers fans, but it was like having a slice of the 'burgh in Nashville. Just about everyone there was from a different part of Pittsburgh or western PA and learned about the bar the same way as us. We met people from the South Side, Shadyside, Washington, and everywhere else. So much more to say, but I have to run. Hopefully, this picture is worth a thousand words.


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