Sunday, July 30, 2006

Post PET (July 1, 2006)

Wow. Those were two excellent World Cup games.

After the Privacy Enhancing Technology Conference finished, I had had some excellent discussion with Alastair Beresford regarding the use of maximum matchings in bipartite graphs for optimal linkage or re-identification. It turns out our research in graph theory and its applications is quite similar; virtually complementary to each other.

Following the discussion, I made my way with a couple of people to a The Mill - a renowned local pub - to watch the final thirty minutes of the Germany / Argentina game. I grabbed a pint of Guinness (it really is a bout 100x better than in the US) and let the atmosphere take over. It’s just a corner pub and by the time the game went into penalties, the place was jam-packed. As you know Germany won and the place erupted into cheers.

Later in the evening, I made it over to a large pub in the middle of the city for the Italy / Ukraine game. I grabbed a pint of Old Speckled Hen - not a big fan - especially on a warm summer evening. Anyway, though the Italians bulldozed the Ukranians, the pub was a buzz. It was an extremely large pub of which the entire second floor was standroom early and packed with Italians. Towards the end of the game, all you could hear was chanting and foot-stomping to IT-AL-IA, IT-AL-IA, IT-AL-IA. Now that’s a country behind its team.

Now if only pubs in this country would serve food at dinnertime. I still have yet to understand why they only do lunch.

So, today is Saturday and some of the conference attendees are getting together to “punt” down to Grantchester (think gondalas on a river). It sounds like a terrific opportunity, but I think I’ll have to pass. I have spent most of my time in meetings and have yet to truly explore any of Cambridge and its excellent shops. Also, I have to return my bicycle by 5pm at the latest. But really, I’m going to return it at 3:30pm - the England / Portugal game is on at 4 and this game must be watched - how can you not do as the British do.


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