Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Tribute to Jakey the Wonderpup

For 12 years he lived at the Zimmerman farm. For 2 years, he was exclusively at the Zimmerman-Malin residence, first in Pittsburgh, and then in Nashville. No matter, for 14 years, everyone loved him. And everyone gave him treats (ok - I gave him lots of treats. He really liked salted cashews). For those of you that didn't know, our beloved Jakey-poo the Wonderpup has left us. May he rest in peace. This set of photos pretty much describes him, and was taken 2 weeks ago, when he decided to perform the old "I'm going to steal your rice, by sticking my nose on your plate trick":

However, who could forget the "Who me? Is this your bed, I must be lost trick."

Or the, "I need to be a part of you (all the time, no - really - all the time) trick."

Regardless of which trick he was performing, we will miss him dearly. Thank you to all of you that watched out for him, played with him, unknowingly let your dogs hump him (Krista), and just made him a happy pup. He loved all of you.


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