Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More on the Macbook

Fotinakis basically sums up my experiences so far with Apple repairs. The main difference - they actually put new parts in his machine. I'm still waiting for "parts on order".

To make matters worse, I've been scouring the online forums and it appears that Apple may or or may not know what the problem is. And if they do, they may or may not know how to fix it. Many people say they get their macbooks back, but the random shutdowns restart after several weeks (and some as soon as several days - gasp!). Even more chilling is that other people are in the same situation as me: they sent their macbook in several weeks ago and received little or no response. And on Friday, this post was made to MacFixIt. I harbor very dark hopes indeed.

Regardless, I'm sitting at 2.5 weeks - no laptop - and nothing has changed on the Apple repair site regarding my macbook since August 29. There are several words that best represent my current feelings towards Apple, but I believe that "disappointed" will do.


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