Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sara's 30th!

Earlier this month, Sara (my better half) turned 30! The week was filled with surprises and parties. It began with a partial surprise party in Nashville with some friends (thanks for opening your house Margaret!), some food, and some honkey-tonkin' at Roberts Western World! From there, we flew to Pittsburgh, where Krista pot together one of the best surprise parties I've ever attended! For those of you that missed the festivities, it began with Sara, Krista, myself, and Anthony (Krista's fiance) attending someone else's surprise birthday party. From there, we went to meet up with Joe and Amy, our former neighbors (who were - and always will be - the BEST NEIGHBORS EVER!), for some food and drinks. Sara had no idea that there would be almost forty of her friends to surprise her with presents, perogies, and her favorite type of cake (I can't believe that Kate made red velvet cupcakes!). And this was only our first night in the city. The weekend's festivities continued from there, but I have to run, so that's all for now.

A couple of pictures from Krista.

Sara's got her party on!

Sara and Krista, surprise-party planner extraordinare!

Kate's red velvet cupcake goodies. So scrumdiddliumptious.

Sara doing her best "Mr. Roboto".


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