Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Snowy Nashville

Nashville never ceases to amaze me. While the northeast is lacking in snow, Tennessee is accumulating snow. Eerie. But where there's snow there's accidents. Nashvillians do not, I repeat do not, know what to do when there's a little snow on the ground. First, at the threat of snow, they may cancel school. At the very least there's a two hour delay. And if there is snow on the ground, just the slightest accumulation, say an inch, all bets are off. Definitely no school.

Next, you have your mad dashers to the grocery store for their bread and milk. I never believed that people really made the emergency run for ... bread ... and ... milk. Nothing more, nothing less. All that for an inch of snow.

Then, you have the drivers. I woke up, took a look at the local news and - WHAM! Accidents galore. On every major road, many minor roads, there was some multi-car/suv/truck pileup. All this because people don't realize that snow is not the same thing as rain! Just slow down, don't go crazy on those turns, and we'll all be fine.

Now because of the mass accumulation of snow, plus the insane driving environment, many people call off work. I guess that's what you get when there's no salting of the roads.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. Porter was so excited that he woke me up at 4am to frolic in the inch of snow that fell. I was a bit groggy so I did not take any pictures, but Sara was able to snap several the following day.


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