Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fencing Us In

Garbage pickup is in our back alley. Why is this important? Well, Porter the little wonderpup (he hasn't become a full fledged wonderpup yet until he's finished growing and out of puppyhood) has two conflicting traits:

1. He likes to follow us into new territory, but
2. he loves (notice the difference between "like and "love" here) to "explore" the territory for a bit after following you.

So, let's return to the back alley. About a month ago, I Porter and I were in the backyard and I proceeded beyond the back gate, without Porter, to take out the trash. Well, that was "unacceptable to Porter and he found a gap between the privacy fence that surrounds three-quarters of our backyard and the wire fencing that separates our house from the one next door. With the resourceful and curiousity that permeates a puppy's existence Porter decided to squeeze through which both of us. He was happy to see me, but just a little more entranced with the new surroundings and lack of leash.

Feeling free, with a light breeze in the air, and a nice juicy kitty nearby Porter decided to have an adventure. It was at that point, where we decided, it's time to finish the privacy fence.

Well, the privacy fence was finished on Monday and it's one of those things that you say, "Shoot. I wish I had taken a 'before' picture." But, it wasn't for aesthetics, though the fencing guys did a great job, it was for our sanity.


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