Friday, November 04, 2005

MIT Tracking the WiFi's

Old and Busted: Track all of your Wi-Fi users in real time

New Hotness: Make that information public

Well, at least that's how MIT sees the world. They've decided to map where people are on the campus WiFi - and put that information online. It doesn't seem so problematic right? This is no different than the CMUSky project at Carnegie Mellon University which went online last year.

Except, MIT raises the bar. In what way you say? Well, if you want you can let them publish who you are. Hmm... not only do you have to worry about the tracking issues - now you have to worry about the inference problem (i.e. if enough people reveal where they are, then I can figure out where the non-named people are). Oh, this is going to be fun.

It's currently on display at the MIT Museum (MIT news story).

Some more info: ISPOTS @ MIT


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Blogger Frito said...

very very interesting! and i see you have your spam blocker in effect. where can i find out more about CMUS wi fi tracker

6:42 PM  

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