Monday, October 03, 2005

When Nieces Attack...

Whew. Just returned from Jersey for Dana's (my niece) naming (Jewish ceremony where she received her hebrew name). Everything was absolutely beautiful: the ceremony; the reception my parents organized; my family; and especially the little wonder of honor!

Malin Family Posted by Picasa

A bit of a whirlwind, considering sara and I drove in on Saturday morning and back late Sunday. Wish we could have spent more time, but the thesis beckons. As NSEWinHK says " One Question, Professor! When the hell are you getting out of there?! " - Soon. Soon. Soon. :-)


Blogger Frito said...

Congrats on the niece.... just found your CMU website and blog. Enjoyed the pictures... I’m applying to CMU in December most likely. I hope you have a happy and healthy new year. maybe I’ll email you later and we can talk about ternary computer some more, I’m giving a presentation at the Nano Bio technology fair at U of Penn on Oct 26th, I also got Sorting and Searching, the art of computer programming by Donald Knuth off of eBay for 3 dollars in perfect condition, I really enjoy it but some chapters I save for after calculus class in that particular area so I can do the practice problems correctly. I wanted to thank you for meeting with me at CMU, but didn’t know your email, I asked Dr Berman but he forgot to give it to me. I also downloaded latex, but I haven’t used it much because life is pretty hectic right now with applications and SAT’s and all. I might come to CMU for a sleepover weekend in November.. If I do I’ll give you a call. I really enjoyed CMU (I got my interview and I think it went well, afterwards we saw Veronica,( is that the name of your robotic secretary) and then we ate at Milky Way), I hope I can go there next year, I also enjoyed our meeting. I would really like to talk to you later in an email. Also good luck on your PHD. Although I’m sure luck won’t have anything to do with it.

- Matthew Sandler (one of Dr. Bermans students that you met with in the summer while I was visiting CMU)
My email is now…
Aim – videogamecreater (spelling error intentional)
Happy New Years and hope to hear from you soon.

10:37 PM  

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