Monday, September 19, 2005

A Welcome / Wake-Up Message

Welcome. It's now nine years since I have lived anywhere (beyond several months) outside of a wonderful region of the world known as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And after some gripes from people outside (and inside) the 'burgh, it's high time I provide some indication that I'm alive, well, and hopefully have some interesting things to say.

For those of you that missed part of the Pittsburgh experience, the following is a quick recap:
  1. To attend college in Pittsburgh is one thing,
  2. To remain in Pittsburgh to do a graduate degree is quite another,
  3. To commit to Pittsburgh to complete your PhD is pretty much indescribable.
And that about brings us up to date. Oh yeah, in the middle of it all, I met and married an amazing girl named Sara. Any questions?


Blogger NSEWinHK said...

One Question, Professor! When the hell are you getting out of there?!

(/Go Steelers!)

12:38 AM  

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