Wednesday, October 26, 2005

AMIA - Day 4

Well, the conference ended today. Unfortunately, my paper did not place in the student paper competition. Congratulations to the winners (placed First through Third)

  1. Kensaku Kawamoto & David Lobach (Duke University), "Design, Implementation, Use, and Preliminary Evaluation of SEBASTIAN, a Standards-Based Web Service for Clinical Decision Support"

  2. Nathan Hoot & Dominik Aronsky (Vanderbilt University), "Using Bayesian Networks to Predict Survival of Liver Transplant Patients"

  3. Shayam Visweswaran & Greg Cooper (University of Pittsburgh), "Patient-Specific Models for Predicting the Outcomes of Patients with Community Acquired Pneumonia"

The up-side for me is that my competition talk went over well, generating good word-of-mouth, which resulted in a packed room (around 150 people) for my general conference talk. Upon discussion with various groups and researchers, it appears there is much interest in applying my models and ideas in various contexts. Very encouraging.


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