Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Facebook Fancies

Ralph Gross (of the Data Privacy Lab) and Alessandro Acquisti are publishing a paper on social networking sites and the privacy concerns, such as identity theft and stalking, regarding the information and pictures people post to their profiles.

Now, if that's not that much of a concern to you, consider the following. According to recent reports, parents, employers and others (hmm... could this be another potential honeypot for government fingertips?) are using sites like Facebook to gather information on their children, potential employees, clients, etc...

Interestingly enough, people from the aforementioned groups are gaining access to profiles by creating accounts using their alumni email accounts. Wonderful.

But this begs the question, can you really trust information that is posted to such an account? I can understand marketers not caring (or at least caring less) about what is true vs. not, but employers?

Read More in this George Washington University article.


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