Monday, May 22, 2006


Commencement. A time when things come to an end, and then a beginning. Or is that a beginning and then an end? Or is it a simultaneous beginning-end. Who cares. When it comes to commencement, it means that this year I have officially had my diploma and doctoral hood bestowed upon me:

to back up the claim. It was also great that family was able to witness the festivities

It also meant that Spike (a.k.a. William Gronim) - the lab undergrad graduated at the same diploma ceremony. And Latanya, our fearless lab leader (and my doctoral advisor) was able to see it all:

Now, the doctorate - that's great. The diploma ceremony and the hood - not too shabby either. But the highlight of commencement was - Sara and the Walters (thanks Kate, thanks Rachel) made it possible for me to wear a kilt for all of the ceremonies. How cool is that? So here you go - for your viewing pleasure - Kate and me


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